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Message from President

その先の価値をお客様と共に、技術と信頼のSolution Company

Toyo Aerosol Industry was established in 1953 as the first aerosol contract filling company in Japan. We then, started dealing with non-aerosol products such as liquid filling and some others in 1978, and have been a leading company in the market providing useful products for our daily life since our establishment.

Our management philosophy is “to make contributions to the society through producing and providing high quality products", and we recognize that it is our mission to maintain supplying products to the market constantly. In order to fulfill this mission and to continue to be a company trusted by our customers, we have formulated a medium- to long-term business plan “BEYOND 2025”.

In order to achieve this goal, “BEYOND 2025”, we have formed project teams in the following four areas: expanding profits through marketing survey to develop new products and increasing sales, conducting effective capital investments, improving productivity through the implementation of automated and labor-saving equipment, and developing new technologies that only Toyo Aerosol Industry can create, and will do our best.

And further, in order to respond quickly to customers’ needs which keep changing over times, we will utilize group synergies by collaborating with Toyo Seikan Group companies and strive to enhance our corporate value.

We will continue to boldly take on challenges with both tangible and intangible knowledge that we have built up over the years to be needed by our customers as to be their best partners.

I thank you all for your continuous support.

Masato Sugiyama

Corporate Identity

1. We act with awareness that our company, TOYO AEROSOL, is a member of our society and keep in mind that the prosperity of our company is given by the prosperity of enterprises and people concerned. 2. Our company contributes to our society through creating and developing aerosol products and through producing and supplying quality products. 3. Our company strives to gather and exert capabilities of all the employees for company’s continuation and development and employees’ welfare and happiness.

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