Company Information

Message from President

「All for the Customers」

Toyo Aerosol Industry was established in 1953 as the 1st contract aerosol filling company in Japan.
Since then, adding liquid product filling line in 1978, we have been growing to the largest scale company in “Aerosol industry“ in Japan.
We produce reliable, high-performance and high-quality products as a partner of our customers and keep supplying necessary items in our daily life.

In order to respond the market globalization, we established TOYO FILLING INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. In 2007. We have been expanding our business not only in Japan but also in Pan-Pacific market widely.
Furthermore, we established the joint venture corporation, TOYO & DEUTSCHE AEROSOL GmbH, in Germany in April,2014. Now we strive to expand our business in Europe and USA, based on our technology and skills which we have been cultivated through our long business experience in Japan.

We continue providing products which are eco-friendly and useful to our daily life.

Yoshitaka Habu

Corporate Identity

1. We act with awareness that our company, TOYO AEROSOL, is a member of our society and keep in mind that the prosperity of our company is given by the prosperity of enterprises and people concerned. 2. Our company contributes to our society through creating and developing aerosol products and through producing and supplying quality products. 3. Our company strives to gather and exert capabilities of all the employees for company’s continuation and development and employees’ welfare and happiness.

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